Customer Testimonials

Our customers are our best spokespersons. We get letters, emails and phone calls from people who are finally waking up rested after they sleep. Here is just a sample of what they tell us.

“I love my SleepPosture pillow. I have been using it for two weeks. I go to bed knowing how comfortable I will be and how well I will sleep. Thanks for designing it!”
Norma M., Memphis, Tennessee

“My neck and back pain started fading a week after I started using the Sleep Posture pillow. I’ve been using the pillow for several months now and won’t go to bed without it.”
Dorothy A., Niceville, Florida

“When I first started using the pillow, I would wake up in the morning and it would be on the floor and I would be on my back or stomach. It took me a few weeks to adjust to side sleeping and what a difference. Now, my whole body – from muscles to bones – just feels more rested when I wake up.”
Barbara J., San Antonio, Texas

“I really love your pillow! It’s pure genius to have the cutout for the ear. I always wondered if I was the only one who experienced ear pain from the way I slept. I guess I wasn’t. Thank you very much.”
Ken Hughes, Memphis, Tennessee

“I used the pillow for the first time last night and it is the first morning in years that I have woken up without my neck aching and my jaws aching from clenching them. It is incredible! I have had 5 teeth crowned because of clenching in the night. This is revolutionary and terrific.”
Janet Hawken, Memphis, Tennessee

“We had three of our patients to test your new pillow at home, each patient stated that the pillows were very comfortable. Two of the patients liked the ear hole, and all three patients said the shape of the pillow gave them a lot more support than regular pillows. Two of the patients stated that they turned less during the night.”
Scott Ealy, President, SLEEP UNLIMITED, INC., Cordova, Tennessee

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