Meet the Doctor

Dr. Larry Cole invented the SleepPosture™ Pillow using 30 years of practical experience, treating patients to create the revolutionary design. Dr. Cole recognized the need for proper posture and alignment during the critical night hours for total body rejuvenation. He spent several years perfecting the design of the pillow, and then went through more than 20 prototypes – testing them each on willing patients anxious for relief from chronic neck, shoulder and back pain – and in 2003 the design was ready for patent.

SLEEPPOSTURE INC. is a company that helps people get a good nights sleep while maintaining good posture while they sleep. The SleepPosture™ pillow is designed to promote a natural side posture position while sleeping. Side posture sleeping is the most natural and relaxing position due to our body’s innate ability to revert back to the fetal position. As I began to research sleeping patterns, the more I realized that the SleepPosture™ pillow had other uses as well. For example, musculoskeletal pain, sleep apnea, congestive heart failure, ear pain and pregnancy.

Musculoskeletal pain due to sleeping can be caused by tossing and turning in bed, sleeping in the prone position and sleeping while the body is in a torqued position (usually during the side position). These causes are easily prevented while using the SleepPosture™ pillow. The SleepPosture™ pillow allows the user to sleep in a more natural position while supporting the spine.

Sleep apnea affects most people while they are lying in the supine position. The SleepPosture™ pillow is designed for side posture sleeping, which has been documented to reduce the frequency and severity of sleep apnea. The unique design of the SleepPosture™ pillow prevents the user from rolling over onto their back, while sleeping. This reminds or trains the user to sleep in a side posture position for a good nights sleep.

People with congestive heart failure are suggested to sleep in an upright position. The SleepPosture™ pillow allows the patient to sleep in an upright position and allows the heart to pump with greater ease.

People that wake up with ear pain, caused by the folding of the outer ear while sleeping is more common than you may think. The SleepPosture™ pillow has a unique patented ear well so that the outer ear can remain suspended while sleeping and preventing painful ear pain.

The SleepPosture™ pillow is great for the expecting mother. It is well documented that expecting mom’s should sleep on their left side. Sleeping on the left side increases blood flow and nutrition to the fetus. Side sleeping also reduces back pain.

While the SleepPosture™ pillow is not designed to treat the above mentioned conditions, it can reduce the risk that may be involved. The SleepPosture™ pillow is a safe and natural aid for these potentially life threatening conditions.

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