About the Pillow

Some people think it looks like a giant “9” or the start of a question mark. Actually, its shape is the answer to sitting up straight, while you are lying down to sleep.

This unique shape is designed to prevent you from sleeping on your back and stomach. Sleeping on your back can cause low back pain with a lack of support for the curve in your spine. Likewise, sleeping on your stomach puts strain on your back, neck, and jaw. Side sleeping is the most natural position our bodies can get in for a restful night and our pillow gives the support needed for the neck, head, upper and lower back all at the same time.

The ear well (hole) is designed to elevate the chin approximately one inch. This encourages the airway passage to open, thereby increasing air flow. The ear well and chin tilt increases the natural curve in your neck essential for good sleep posture.

There’s no “incorrect” way to use the pillow – some people sleep with the long portion of the pillow behind them, others sleep with the long portion in front. Whatever is most comfortable.

The SleepPosture™ pillow helps to train you to sleep in a better posture for better health. Anytime we try a new diet, exercise, sport, or physical activity, there is an adjustment period. Changing years of “sleep behavior” also takes time. Give the pillow at least two to three weeks of nightly use.

One size fits most, if you are over 4′ 8″ tall and under 6′ 6″ tall.

Care Instructions: The foam portion of the pillow can be washed in soap and water, squeezed out, then air dried.

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